Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Documents Required

The foreign employers may place their order for Indian manpower by furnishing the following documents in our favour.
  • Visa advice/ Payment slip/NOC/E-Wakala- original or true copy.
  • Demand letter :- the employer shall formally issue a Demand Letter in our favour, as per the specimen provided.
  • Power of attorney- the employer shall execute a power of attorney in our favour, to supply the Indian manpower, as per the specimen provided.
  • Work Agreement - The employer shall provide work agreement for the workers to be recruited and deployed to his/her company/establishment as per the specimen given.

None:In case the visa is of labourer category, then these 3 documents namely Demand Letter, Power of Attorney & Work agreementin the employer’s country, for the purpose of getting emigration clearance from the Govt. Of India. But for categories other then labourer (Aamil),the said 3 documents from all foreign sponsors/employers on their letterhead

with proper seal & signature will be sufficient for emigration clearance.

Specimen For Demand Letter


Specimen Power Attorney